Chairperson of the Facilities Control Committee:


  • Jacky Wershbale

The committee will:

  • Advise the community and the Board of Directors on the status of our property and facilities.

  • Make recommendations on contributions to and expenditures from the reserves.

  • Make recommendations on replacements and improvements by developing a capital budget for approval by the Board.

  • Advise the community and Board on grants and other funding opportunities that may be available to the community.

 Guiding principles for the committee: 

  • Most major replacements can and should be anticipated and budgeted for by the community.
  • Anticipated replacements should be scheduled before damage occurs and emergency repairs are needed.
  • The reserves should be adequately funded in anticipation of repairs and replacements, as well as funded for unanticipated emergencies.
  • Replacements and improvements should maintain and enhance property values and the quality of life for all current and future residents.
  • Where possible, repairs, replacements, and improvements should include upgrades that make the property more efficient, sustainable, and desirable as well as enhance property values.
  • Where possible, repairs and replacements should reduce operating costs, utility costs, maintenance requirements, and overall lifetime costs.
  • Replacements and improvements should seek to take advantage of grants, tax credits, and other opportunities, where they are available and feasible.